Technology, R&D, ICT and Open Innovation

Are you planning to incorporate new technologies but need an independent opinion? Erdödy advises about new models and platforms. We are experts in innovation in Engineering, Science, and how High Technology will impact upon your business. We understand you, the technology and the technologists.

  1. Is ICT a solution or a problem for your company? We have industry experience at all levels, from business analysis and negotiations with suppliers to Cloud Computing, Social Networks, Open Source Software, and different platforms and solutions. Erdödy offers Strategic Capabilities and Project Management for different ICT initiatives, including e-Learning systems to train your team and customers. For example Open Parallel Ltd, one of our portfolio companies is a global specialist in software for Multicore and Parallel Computing.
  2. Are you considering innovation by doing Research and Development of new products and processes but you don't have the capabilities? Erdödy can manage the entire project for you, dealing with the top R&D organisations either universities or research institutions of the world, while taking care of your Intellectual Property and seamlessly integrate the results to your current work
  3. Our work with your company can include application to grants and support (i.e. for R&D) from different New Zealand Government agencies.