We are living through a period of rapid change in business and technology and if you are strategically prepared, these changes will offer significant opportunities. Taking advantage of this change and harnessing it to deliver sustainable business growth will require a new approach.

Are you positioned to take advantage of this new scenario?

Since 2007, Erdödy Consultancy Limited (ECL) has been delivering value to organisations in New Zealand and Internationally. Through its global network of specialist associates, Erdödy can offer complete solutions from one-off consulting events to the design, implementation and further management of complex and sophisticated projects.

Our network embraces many differing disciplines, spans multiple industries and regions and can operate comfortably with either individual business owners or at global corporate level.

All our projects are unique, as are our client's requirements and our solutions are delivered seamlessly, integrated into your day to day operation.



Meeting the client's requirements.

New Zealand is a nation of small and medium-sized enterprises. More than 95% of our businesses have 20 or fewer full-time staff and many of these are led by an owner-operator. A major part of their focus is on day-to-day operations, making sales and ensuring adequate cash-flow. This culture permeates the whole business ecosystem of the country and senior corporate managers or CEOs of major companies also manage their organisations with a similar approach, given the particular business culture of our region.

  • When and with whom do you discuss and plan the future of your business?
  • How do you manage the time to implement those changes?

Working with the client.

Erdödy Consultancy was established in 2007 and since that time we have assisted many clients in gaining greater control over their business. Sometimes this has meant just providing a simple one-on-one consulting engagement with an emphasis on coaching and mentoring, which has provided sufficient support and confidence for the business leader/owner to move forward and implement their own growth plans. On other occassions Erdödy have worked with the client to develop a road map and then provided full implementation.

Whatever the project, Erdödy Consultancy ensures that the client's needs are clearly identified and agreed before any work commences and throughout the process the client remains fully informed and in control.

Specialist Areas.

Whilst Erdödy Consultancy can deliver value across a broad spectrum of industries and business areas, the key specialities that have proven of great value to our clients include:

  • New Ventures and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Market Development and International Business
  • Technology, R&D and Open Innovation
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Capital and Due Diligence



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Erdödy Consultancy has supported a diverse range of clients, both in New Zealand and Internationally. Each project is unique, as were the Client's requirements but each was serviced following a proven methodology, customised to ensure that the client's goals were clearly identified from the outset. Below is a brief overview of some of Erdödy's most recent clients:

To view further detail on what Erdödy Consultancy delivered to each client, just click on its logo.





Every project is unique, as per your requirements.

Erdödy Consultancy adjusts its methodology to each case, through four stages

1) Initial consultancy. We do not charge per hour: we deliver value. On occassions you only need to discuss your ideas with an independent party, and then continue with your business. Why spend dollars on reports and analysis of partial data when you can have a vision of your current situation in days and even hours?

2) Potentials Study. Shows and quantifies potential at high level, including broad ranges of alternatives and market opportunities. Usually delivered in weeks, the Potential Studies is a tool that allows informed decisions about your future strategy.

3) Capability Report and Road Map for Change. Working with your data and sometimes within your business, we analyse the structure of a new environment. Then you can make a concrete decision, based on entrepreneurial strategies, not theory. Between one to three months, we build with you a solution for your organisation that takes advantage of all the investment already done during previous years, optimising resources and minimising expenses.

4) Implementation of the Alternative Model. Once you have the Road Map for Change, it requires support during the transition. Erdödy Consultancy Ltd can manage full implementation of the new model for your company, seamlessly integrating all the processes within your existing ones. Erdödy train staff, advise Boards and coach and mentor Entrepreneurs, Managers and C-level Executives while you continue doing business as usual.



To find out more about how Erdödy Consultancy can assist you in attaining your goals then please contact us using the direct email and telephone contact details provided.

EMAIL: info@erdody.co.nz    TEL: +64 27 521 4020

Erdödy Consultancy Limited is a company registered at the New Zealand Companies Office with the number 1974147

Registered address is:

Erdödy Consultancy Ltd. Level 1, 20 Wear Street, Oamaru 9400, North Otago, New Zealand